The SELECTION PRIZE is a recognition which allows the chosen artists and companies to access and participate in the seasons and/or festivals of Milano Off's partners, under the conditions proposed by and agreed upon by them. 

For the INTERNATIONAL DRAMA SELECTION: one chosen production

Avignon le OFF will host the chosen production for the entire duration of their 2020 Festival (21 days) for a percentage of box office revenues, according to the procedures established by their organizational management. Travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the participating production. Milan OFF management will support the production in all relations with Avignon institutions and will accompany it to the Festival in July offering tutoring and assistance. The possibility of an agreement with a French distribution agency is being negotiated, for the chosen production to be included within their catalog in all French-speaking countries. 

For the NATIONAL DRAMA SELECTION: three chosen productions

TORINO FRINGE FESTIVAL 2020 will host one of the three chosen productions for a percentage of box office revenues, according to the conditions published in their annual competition.

PALCO OFF Catania will host one o the three chosen productions either for two dates in a 200-seat theater, or for six dates in a 50-seat theater, for the 2020/2021. The conditions are established as 50% of net revenue, with 50% of net IVA and SIAE, and with travel and accommodations paid but the responsibility of INPS/ENPALS borne by the production. 

CLAN OFF Messina will host one of the three selected productions for 3 dates within an 80-seat theater for the 2020/2021 season. The conditions are established as 60% destined towards the production. with net IVA and SIAE at 60%, and a guaranteed minimum earning of 400€. INPS/ENPALS are the responsibility of the company. 

The productions which participate in both Palco Off Catania and Clan Off Messina programming will be reported upon by LATITUDINI (Sicilian Theatre Circuit for New Works) for the chance to participate in additional performances in other Sicilian theaters, with varying percentages and conditions.   

For the MUSICAL OFF SELECTION: 1 chosen production

PALCO 5 will host the chosen production in their 2020/2021 season for three dates in Torino and three dates in Palermo within a 100-seat theater. The conditions are established as 70% of net revenue, with IVA and SIAE, and with accommodations paid for but travel and living expenses, as well as the responsibility of INPS/ENPALS, borne by the production.  

With 7-10 days, on the platform Produzioni dal Basso, a crowdfunding campaign will be put online, developed with French partners at PROARTI (becoming artists' angels) to collect funds for all of the MI OFF 19 selected productions, geared towards alleviating the projected costs involved with participation in partner Festivals. The campaign will be active from August 1st to October 31st, 2019.

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