Milano OFF FIL Card

Your special pass for the Festival. Discover advantages and discounts!

Subscribe to the OFF F.I.L. Card and discover the advantages you can access to increase your Gross Internal Happiness!

The Milano OFF FIL Card offers many advantages to participating in MI OFF 19:

•Free entrance to the VILLAGE OFF held at the Fabbrica del Vapore
•Reduced entrance and priority access to all of the performances of MI OFF 19 
•Discounts at participating shops and vendors
•Possibility to sustain the Festival 

The membership fee is € 15.00 

The Milano OFF FIL Card can be acquired online or directly at the Village Off.


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MILANO OFF associazione culturale artistica

Ideazione e direzione generale: Renato LOMBARDO
Direzione artistica: FRANCESCA VITALE

Sede Sociale: Via Carlo Freguglia 10 – 20122 Milano
Sede Operativa : Via Sarzana, 50 – 20159 Milano -   tel. +39 392 2930661  -  tel. +39 391 1418299


Completa la richiesta di partecipazione al bando pagando la quota di partecipazione di € 15,00.